Catering is a business of happy people!

16 October 2021
The first outdoor event of the Association of Banquet and Catering Services “Owners and Managers Club” took its place in Cyprus on 10-15 October, 2019. 11 companies from 6 cities participated in the trip: 6 companies from Moscow and one company each from Volgograd, Minsk, Kiev, Ufa and Novosibirsk.

Fixed and variable costs.

After the acquaintance and an informal part we discussed variable costs and options for their optimization, revealed the average percentage for each cost item for ABCS member's companies in the catering market. We found several ways to reduce variable costs by 14 items.

More than 30 optimization tools have been found to reduce fixed costs. The most relevant proposals were transfer of the part of the wage fund to freelance and outsourcing or hourly pays with the motivation of managers to optimize working hours, one single location for all departments and control of general business standards.

Motivation and teamwork.

In an informal way creative ideas were generated to motivate staff, well-organized teamwork was discussed.

An interesting idea for intangible motivation was the manager's spending of their personal time on an employee like going to the cinema together or informal coffee breaks; the participants highlighted the idea of gratitude to the parents of employees in the form of a corporate party for the employee's family members. The fund of returnable financial assistance without interests was singled out as a particularly necessary type of motivation.The financial motivation for each position was analyzed separately and the average percentage of bonuses was allocated to certain employees.

Club of Owners and Managers of ABCS" is an amazing story about how to conduct a business excursion to ten companies in 5 days, which are located at a distance of 3-4 thousand kilometers. It turned out to be possible right here thanks to colleagues from different cities, the program of sessions and the atmosphere. Those who are not with us have definitely lost!

Sergey Chegrinets, "Favorit Catering"

Cases and personal experience of the participants.

The Club members shared their successes for the previous year, talked about the most effective and useful innovations. The main conclusions were, for example, the need to decompose tasks and projects, work out separate models of work in each of the departments, systematize our experience, pay more attention to automation and financial analytics and strengthen the focus on employee motivation.


In addition to our strategic sessions and brainstorming sessions, during a trip to Cyprus, the Club members combined productive work with colleagues and great vacation at the sea!

We would like to thank all members of the Club for their openness and involvement.

We were happy to spend time together! We are already planning our next trip. See you again at ABCS events!